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How (if at all) are you repositioning your clients’ portfolios following the result of the EU referendum?

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`We have actually done very little since the vote as we had already positioned our portfolios towards the lower end of our equity ranges and had reduced our exposure to UK funds somewhat and leant towards global funds, real return and those which held companies with higher overseas earnings to take advantage of any depreciation of Sterling. We had also previously reduced our weighting in property funds which as we suspected would turn out to be big losers upon a Brexit vo... Read more » `

After seeing a hit in the initial Brexit discussions sterling has rebounded as a remain vote looks more likely. But what are the expectations for sterling in the 3 weeks left before the EU referendum?

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`Uncertainty over the EU referendum has already affected the UK economy. We have seen a sharp decline in the exchange rate since the start of 2016, and probably also some delay in planned investment in the UK by domestic and foreign business... Read more » `